Blood Orange Substitute: 5 Great Options

My favorite orange is the blood orange and I use it for everything from smoothies to mixed drinks to dessert.

However, if you’re out of blood oranges or they aren’t in season, there’s no need to worry! No matter what you’re making, there are a number of options. The sweet citrus flavor of blood orange goes with every cuisine, so finding a suitable substitute is essential. I’ll tell you what the best alternatives for blood oranges are today.

What are the greatest replacements for fresh blood orange juice?

Navel oranges, mandarins, pomegranate juice, Valencia oranges, orange essence, tangerines, cranberry juice and orange juice are the most popular blood orange alternatives.

Blood Orange Substitute

Blood oranges have a red-colored flesh and are distinct from other kinds of oranges in that respect. They’re great for culinary and beverage creations since they have a sweet taste and soft texture. Blood orange has a strong, sweet flavor with a little tang and even bitterness. It’s somewhat unusual, but it’s still an citrus fruit, therefore our best alternatives will be citrus fruits as well.

In all types of recipes, including dessert, dinner, and smoothies, they’re used. They’re a common component in mixed cocktails and smoothies as well as desserts and supper meals. Employ it often in ice cream, gelato, blood orange syrup and even sorbet.

The flesh, juice, and even zest of blood orange may be utilized to enhance the taste of a variety of dishes.

Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are ideal for imitating the flavor of blood oranges because they have a similar fragrance and taste. Despite their winter status, navels are easy to come by in most areas throughout the year.

Blood oranges are a good choice if you want to add color and flavor to drinks, desserts, or any meal. They do not have the red flesh of the blood orange but can be used in place of it in all recipes that call for blood oranges. Sweet with a tart and sharp taste that works particularly well in beverages and sweets, this traditional variety of orange is a welcome addition to your kitchen.

Navel oranges are a common ingredient in breakfast drinks and smoothies. Navel oranges may also be used in any meal that calls for blood orange, including dessert.

Use a 1:1 ratio when replacing navel oranges for blood oranges.


The Tangerines’ flavor is comparable to that of blood oranges, but they are smaller and more orange. They’re also sweeter than blood oranges, which means they’re a better fit for all sorts of dishes that require red orange. These little oranges are nutrient-dense and have a nice citrus fragrance and flavor, making them an excellent substitute for blood oranges.

Mandarin oranges have a flavor that is particularly suited to desserts such as tarts, cakes, and other sweets. The zest of mandarin oranges is an excellent replacement for blood orange zest.

When replacing blood oranges with mandarin oranges, use a 1:1 ratio.

Valencia Oranges

This popular orange has a tart and sweet flavor that works well in beverages.

Blood oranges are also excellent alternatives to Valencias in marinades, sauces, and savory dishes. The juice is copious, and the zest can be used just as well. In most areas, this kind of orange is easy to come by and rather inexpensive. Instead of blood oranges, use Valencia oranges in a 1:1 ratio.

Orange Extract

Orange extract is the finest option for adding a sweet citrus taste to any dish when oranges aren’t in season and my local grocery store options are limited.

Orange extract may be used in any recipe that requires blood orange flavor, and I use it in everything from ice cream to cakes, to sauces, and hearty chicken or beef dinners. 1 teaspoon of extract should be used when replacing blood oranges with orange essence, but you should gradually add more as you taste.


Tangerine is a great alternative to blood orange if you’re looking for something sweet. These little citrus fruits are considerably sweeter than blood oranges and lack their bitterness and tanginess as well.

Tangerines are extremely juicy and have a soft flesh. Tangerines may be used in a variety of recipes and beverage production. Tangerines are wonderful in marinades, sauces, desserts, and smoothies. The seeds are bitter; therefore, you should remove them when replacing blood orange with tangerine.

Can I use normal orange instead of blood orange?

Yes. Navel oranges are the most frequent variety of orange found in supermarkets. They can be used as a substitute for blood oranges in all kinds of dishes.

What orange is closest to blood orange?

Blood oranges, navel oranges, mandarins, and Valencia oranges are the most comparable to blood oranges in flavor and texture when compared to other citrus fruits.

Is blood orange like grapefruit?

Blood orange is less bitter than a grapefruit, and it has a more pleasant flavor. When using blood orange in place of a grapefruit, keep in mind that your recipe may require additional sweeteners.

Can cara cara be substituted for blood orange?

Blood oranges can be substituted for cara cara. They are considerably sweeter than blood oranges and have less acidity. Keep in mind that while cara caras has the same growing season as blood oranges, it may not be accessible whenever blood oranges are out of season in your region.

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