14 Exotic Pink Fruits to Try

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Discover the world’s greatest pink fruits list! Pink fruits come in a variety of forms, ranging from wild to exotic and everything in between, and they’re bursting with nutrients. Some of the popular exotic pink fruits are pink pineapple, pink pearl apple, wax apple and peach peaches.

14 Pink Fruit Names


Chinese Bayberry (myrica rubra), a tiny to medium-sized tree that produces dark pink or purple colored fruit, has been used in traditional medicine for over 2000 years. The sweet fruit is high in antioxidants and vitamins, and has huge cultural significance in China. It’s thought to be at least 2,000 years old, and it’s frequently mentioned in Chinese literature.


Cranberries really belong on the list of beautiful pink fruits. They’re very common and adaptable (think chutneys, juices, sauces, etc). Not only that, but they’re also utilized to treat UTIs and as ornaments. In addition, in the United Kingdom, they are known as the ultimate Christmas flavor! Talk about a fruit with several faces! This exotic pink fruit has pink outer skin and are grown in the United States, Canada, and Chile by far the most.


Dragon fruit, also known as Pindaya or Pink Pitaya, is a Mexican and Central American native fruit. It has a striking pink skin with tiny black specs and light gray (sometimes pink) flesh. This tropical delicacy is high in antioxidants and has a light but pleasant flavor (sometimes likened to watermelon and pear).


With their distinctive teardrop form, figs are instantly recognized and loved all around the world. They’re rich in nutrients with delicate flesh to match. Fresh figs are a wonderful light snack if you’re looking for something fresh. Dried figs contain greater sugar and calories than fresh ones. Figs can be eaten raw as a standalone or blended snack, as well as being used in salads, chutneys, and desserts.


Guava is a tropical or subtropical plant that grows in soil. Its flavor is similar to that of strawberries and pears. It’s sweet, delectable, and flowery in nature. You truly must try guava to appreciate its amazingly refreshing taste! There are numerous methods to consume guava – as a sauce, chutney, jam, juice, dessert, or snack.


Despite the name, these are actually tropical fruit! They’re native to Malaysia but aren’t regarded for their flavor. In fact, many people think they’re bland and lacking in real taste. They’re filled with nutrients, including a number of vitamins. Muscle cramps, boost immunity, and enhance metabolism may also be helped by them.


Pink lady apples are Australian in origin and are tiny and sweet. They’re edible and have a pleasant, musky flavor with notes of cloves and cranberry. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t poisonous; however, many people don’t like their taste. They’re utilized to make jams, chutneys, smoothies, and various dessert items.


Loganberries are a cross between raspberries and blackberries that were accidentally created in California. They may be used to make delicious desserts, smoothies, and even gin. Despite the fact that they look similar, their flavor is stronger and more flavorful than that of a raspberry. Loganberries are high in vitamins and antioxidants, similar to other berries.


It’s difficult to describe the flavor of lychee, but some people compare it to pears or watermelons, while others argue that it tastes like grapes or strawberries. This lovely pink fruit is native to Asia and is commonly canned and eaten as a dessert or snack. Lychees have been used in traditional medicine for millennia because they’re high in vitamins.


Passionfruit is an eye-catching tart pink on the outside and a delicious, mild yellow on the inside. It’s a real show-stopper with its bright, glossy, and colorful flesh that’s frequently utilized in food photography to add texture and visual appeal. It’s fantastic in yoghurt, coulis, pies, and even cocktails. Passionfruit is an exotic fruit that has a tart flavor with a slight sweet or sour aftertaste (according to how ripe it is). It was originally cultivated in South America but is now grown all over the world.


Yes, they are real! Pink bananas originate in Assam and the eastern Himalaya. They’re smaller than their yellow counterparts. While they are edible, they also include numerous inedible seeds. Their flesh is white and bristled with tiny, fine hairs.


Pink grapefruit is a cross between pomelo and orange. It has a sweet flavor with a bitter aftertaste. There are plenty of pink grapefruit recipes, ranging from sorbets to salads, energy bars, cocktails, smoothies, and more. Pink grapefruit is commonly used in skincare and aromatherapy.


Pink Lady apples were bred in Australia in the 1970s and are now one of the most well-known varieties of apples. They’re also the first apple to be trademarked. Their flavor is typically referred to as crisp, sweet, and with a citrus zing.


Like a combination of tart, sweet, and crunch? Pink Pearl Apples are for you. They’re from California and belong to the rose family. These are bright pink on the inside (not the outside) rather than Pink Lady apples. They provide limitless possibilities in the kitchen or in baking with them as any other apple variety does. I put them into my applesauce cake and apple curd as well.

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