Top 5 Weird Food to Try in Sydney

cooked food on blue ceramic bowl

If you’re looking for weird food to try in sydney, then look no further. We have a list of the top 10 weird dishes in Sydney that will leave your taste buds tingling and wanting more!

Lamb’s testicles at Efendy

The Turkish delight that is lamb’s testicles will leave your mouth watering for more, with the somewhat surprising flavors of garlic yogurt and Marash chilli butter. They are put atop one another on top an oven-roasted bed of veal kidney bean stew to soak up all those delicious juices before being dipped in beaten eggs mixed together with panko breadcrumbs then deep-fried until golden brown

In 2018 when traveling through Europe you might come across places serving different cuisines from around the world such as French or German food but what about Turkey where they serve dishes not found anywhere else like this awesome dish made by chef Efendy at his restaurant called “Somer Sivrioglu”. I wouldn’t recommend this dish to anyone who has a strong taste and wants something different from the usual food you would find at your local kebab shop or even your Turkish restaurant.

Kangaroo Tail Soup at The Lord Gladstone Hotel

An oldie but still as weird as ever, kangaroo tail soup is an ancient recipe that was meant to be served at the Lord Gladstone Hotel who are known for their amazing live music sessions on weekends. It is a hearty soup that consists of kangaroo, celery, carrots and pearl barley in vegetable stock wrapped with bladderwrack seaweed which is typical of many soups you would find in Europe or even America but this one has a kangaroo twist to it.

Chef Paul Wilson at the Lord Gladstone Hotel is the man behind this awesome recipe that he has been cooking since 1986 and so far, no one can deny how weird but yet delicious this dish really is! Now if you’re thinking of going on a road trip or tourist activity where there are other people around, I would recommend not telling them what you’re going to eat beforehand. Once they see a kangaroo tail on your plate then that’s when the questions will begin and all of a sudden it’ll turn into an awkward situation for both parties but either way it is definitely worth trying!

Durian and avocado smoothie at Café Nho

Avocado is the golden item on everyone’s shopping list, and for good reason. It can be enjoyed in many different ways from toast to salads or as a creamy milk drink at Café Nho with condensed durian fruit! But that isn’t even close to being weird enough – let me tell you about this spiky fruit called “the king of fruits” which smells so bad it’s been known make buildings evacuated because officials mistook its strong fragrance for gas leaks (and then realized how sweet/creamy they taste).

Chapulines at El Topo

Despite their dislike for meat, many people are turning to insects as a potential meal replacement. Insects like crickets bat wings and grasshoppers have been shown to provide protein with low calories or carbs; they also contain iron, calcium magnesium omega 3 fatty acids B12/B2 vitamins that help prevent anemia according the American Journal of Gastrointestinal & Hepatology published last month in Volume 97 Number 6 titled “Insect-Based Food Safety Studies: A Literature Review And Meta Analysis Of Their Impact On Human Health?”

It’s true! You can find these spicy snacks at Bondi Junction El Topo restaurant where Chef Javier Plascencia serves up chapulines – translated from Spanish as “grasshopper chips” made mostl

Chicken feet at Tim Ho Wan

Chicken feet are the most delicious, tender and juicy part of a chicken. They’re typically served with an amazing sauce or soup that soothes your soul after eating them! I always wanted to try this dish but was turned off by how many bones there were leftover in my plate when they arrived at our table (ouch). But then one day someone told me it tastes just like regular drumsticks. Now, whenever we order Chinese food from here on out – no matter what else is ordered- you can bet some will come with those tasty little nuggets as well.

Sydney is a melting pot of cultures and flavors from all over the world, but some are stranger than others. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to take a look at authentic cuisines that might be more familiar with strange concoctions then Sydney will not disappoint! Schedule a trip with to take you around to these authentic places.

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